You have valuable savings in the Bank of America Ireland Pension Scheme (the Scheme).
To help you prepare for retirement and make the most of your Retirement Account, follow these three simple steps.

Step 1: Set your target

How much will you need to live on when you stop working? Setting a target will help you focus and keep on track.

Check the value of your Retirement Account on Unio.

Step 2: Save as much as you can afford

Think about how much you can save in your Retirement Account to help meet your target.

Are you making the most of the bank's matching contributions? See the Scheme Handbook for details.

Change your voluntary contributions on the MBC website during the Annual Enrolment period or using the 'Amend Pension Contribution' Anytime Event.

Step 3: Make your money work harder

How you invest your Retirement Account directly affects its value when you retire.

Review how your Retirement Account is invested on Unio.

Use the investment profiler to consider which investment option may be right for you.

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