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Answer the following questions to help you decide how to invest your Member Account in the Scheme.

The questions assess:
  • how much control you may like to take with your investments (measured by how active you are in making decisions generally) and
  • your investment risk profile (measured by how you feel instinctively about risk and how much investment risk you may be able to take based on your financial circumstances).
Remember: the results are only suggestions.

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Question 1 of 5

You are in your...

Question 2 of 5

What best describes how you save your money?

Question 3 of 5

Imagine you are approaching retirement. How are you going to pay for it?

Question 4 of 5

How would you rate your investment knowledge?

Question 5 of 5

Thinking about your attitude to money, which statement do you identify with most closely?

Pre-retirement options

How do you think you may use the value of your Retirement Account when you retire?